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UN 1053

DESCRIPTION: Hydrogen Sulphide is a colourless, flammable, toxic gas having an offensive odour.

TYPICAL APPLICATIONS: Used in metallurgy in the preparation of sulphides. Used with Nitrogen to clean sire prior to zinc coating.

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Grade Impurities 99.9% (N3.0)
(Liquid Phase) (Vol. PPM)
Carbonyl Sulphide < 100
Carbon Disulphide < 200
Nitrogen < 100
Carbon Dioxide < 100
Total Hydrocarbons < 100
Typical Analysis
Typical maximum values for impurities are given as way of a guideline to customers, however this information is neither a guarantee nor analysis of the product. The guarantee is that the product shall conform to the guaranteed minimum purity specification.


Cylinder Size Volume (kg)
H10st 6
H47st 30
H50st 32
H100mst 64
Cylinder Data
Supplied as a liquefied gas under its own vapour pressure in steel or aluminium cylinders.
Standard sizes / volumes as listed -
larger volumes are available on request.


INTERGAS can supply any internationally recognised valve type. For Hydrogen Sulphide the standard international valve types are as follows:
American CGA 330
British BS 341-6
European DIN 477-8
Recommended Regulator
INTERGAS recommends the use of manual or automatic gas cabinets for this product.
Please contact us for further details.
Gas Data
Atomic Weight 34.076
Boiling Point -60.3°C
Density 141 kg/m³
Vapour Pressure 18.4 bar


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