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UN 2203

DESCRIPTION: Silane is a colourless gas with a repulsive odour at room temperature and atmospheric pressure. In its pure state it is spontaneously combustible in air but is indefinitely stable in metal containers.
Metals analysis data is available on request.

TYPICAL APPLICATIONS: Silane is used as a silicon precursor in the chemical vapor deposition (CVD) of silicon dioxide, silicon nitride, polysilicon, epitaxial silicon and amorphous silicon films.

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99.999% (N5.0)
(excluding H2)
(Gas Phase) (Vol. PPM)
Hydrogen * 50
Nitrogen 1
Oxygen + Argon 1
Carbon Monoxide 0.2
Carbon Dioxide 0.2
Moisture 1
THC as methane 0.1
Other H/C 0.2
Trichlorosilane 0.5
Dichlorosilane 0.5
Disilane 0.5
* < 10ppm in aluminium cylinders

Resistivity > 10,000

Cylinder Size Volume (kg) Pressure (Bar)
B10st up to 3 up to 165
B44st (A) up to 13.2 up to 165
B50st/al up to 15 up to 165
Cylinder Data
Supplied as a high pressure gas in seamless steel or aluminium cylinders.
Standard sizes / volumes as listed -
larger volumes available on request.


INTERGAS can supply any internationally recognised valve type. For Silane the standard international valve types are as follows:
American CGA 350 / DISS 632
European DIN 477-1
Recommended Equipment
INTERGAS recommends the use of manual or automatic gas cabinets for this product.
Please contact us for further details.
Gas Data
Atomic Weight 32.11
Boiling Point -111.5°C
Density 1.114 kg/cm³


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