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UN 2036

DESCRIPTION: Xenon is a colourless, odourless and tasteless gas, existing in the atmosphere at 0.06 ppm/vol.

TYPICAL APPLICATIONS: Xenon is most commonly used in incandescent lighting in both the automotive and aviation industries. Xenon is also used in plasma display panels and in flash lamps in lasers. When mixed with oxygen, Xenon can be used to improve the contrast in CT imaging and to measure blood flow.

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Grade Impurities 99.99% (N4.8)
(Gas Phase) (Vol. PPM)
Carbon Tetraflouride < 0.1
Nitrogen < 10
Oxygen < 2
Hydrocarbons < 0.1
Argon < 5
Moisture < 2
Krypton < 8


Cylinder Size Volume (Litres)
B5al up to 1000
B10st up to 2000
B50st/B44st (A) up to 10000
Cylinder Data
Supplied as a gas in seamless steel or aluminium cylinders.
Standard sizes / volumes as listed -
Smaller volumes are available on request.
INTERGAS fills Xenon gravimetrically to ensure absolute accuracy.


INTERGAS can supply any internationally recognised valve type. For Xenon the standard international valve types are as follows:
American CGA 580 / DISS 718
European DIN 477-6
Recommended Equipment
Two stage brass or stainless steel body with stainless steel internals.
has a variety of suitable handling equipment for this product - please enquire.
Gas Data
Mol. Weight 131.3
Boiling Point -108.15°C
Density 5.39 g/cm³
Pressure depending on val. max v.p. 55 bar @ 21°C.


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