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Intergas has the most extensive range of lecture bottles available from any one supplier. We are increasingly seen as the supplier of choice, producing more than 4,000 lecture bottles per year for our gas-industry customers. Our ability to handle in large volumes these small gas cylinders containing a wide range of inert, toxic, corrosive and flammable gases helps our clients complete their product range effortlessly.

Our standard products and purities are shown below. However, subject to a mimimum order of 10 cylinders Intergas would be please to supply other grades / purities and fill volumes - please contact us for details.

All lecture bottles are European Pi-approved. DOT approved lecture bottles are available on request.

Order Lecture Bottles: +44 (0) 1782 822061 or Contact Us.
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Gases in Lecture Bottles
Description   Fill Volume   Valve Material   Purity
Air (Synthetic) 57 lits Brass N2.6
Allene (1.2 Propadiene) 170 g Brass N2.0
Ammonia 170 g ASB N3.8
Argon 57 lits Brass N5.0
Boron trichloride 454 g ASB N3.0
Boron trifluoride 170 g ASB N2.5
Bromomethane (Methyl bromide) 454 g Brass N2.5
1,2-Butadiene 100 g Brass N1.8
1,3-Butadiene 170 g Brass N2.0
n-Butane 170 g Brass N2.5
1-Butene 170 g Brass N2.0
cis-2-Butene 170 g Brass N2.0
trans-2-Butene 170 g Brass N2.0
mixed-2-Butenes 170 g Brass N2.0
Carbon dioxide 227 g Brass N3.0
Carbon monoxide 50 lits Brass N2.0
Carbon tetrafluoride (R14) 27 g Brass N5.5
Carbonyl sulphide 227 g Brass N1.7
Chlorine 454 g ASB N3.0
Cyclopropane 25 g Brass N2.0
Dimethylether 170 g Brass N2.0
2,2 Dimethylpropane (Neopentane) 100 g Brass N2.0
Ethane 110 g Brass N2.5
Ethyl Acetylene 100 g Stainless Steel N1.8
Ethylene 110 g Brass N2.5
Ethylene oxide 227 g Stainless Steel N2.5
Helium 57 lits Brass N5.0
Hexafluoroethane (R116) 227 g Brass N2.0
Hydrogen 57 lits Brass N5.0
Hydrogen bromide 454 g Stainless Steel N2.8
Hydrogen chloride 227 g ASB N2.0
Hydrogen sulphide 227 g Brass N2.5
iso-Butane 100 g Brass N2.5
iso-Butylene 100 g Brass N2.0
Krypton 50 lits Brass N4.8
Methane 57 lits Brass N2.0
Methylmercaptan (Methanethiol) 170 g Stainless Steel N2.5
Methyl Acetylene 100 g Stainless Steel N1.7
Methyl Chloride (Chloromethane) 170 g Brass N3.0
Mono Methylamine 170 g Stainless Steel N2.0
Neon 50 lits Brass N4.7
Nitrogen 57 lits Brass N5.0
Nitrogen dioxide 454 g Brass N1.85
Nitrous Oxide 227 g Brass N2.0
Oxygen 57 lits Brass N2.5
Propane 170g Brass N2.5
Propylene 190 g Brass N2.5
Silane 17 g Stainless Steel N4.8
Sulphur dioxide 454 g Brass N3.0
Sulphur hexafluoride 227 g Brass N3.0
Vinyl Acetylene 100 g Stainless Steel N1.8
Vinyl Chloride (227g) 170 g Brass N3.7
Xenon 50 lits Brass N4.8

Cylinders, Valves & Regulators
Description   Volume   Material
Empty 0.4 litre lecture bottle
150 bar filling pressure 3/8" NPT
neck thread (no valve fitted)
0.4 litre Cr-Mo Steel
Empty 0.38 litre lecture bottle
200 bar filling pressure DIN 19.8
neck thread (no valve fitted)
0.38 litre Cr-Mo Steel
Model 206B, Brass Lecture
Bottle regulator.
N/A Brass
Model 206S, Stainless steel
Lecture Bottle regulator.
N/A Stainless Steel
Brass CGA 110/180 valve
3/8" NGT stem,
N/A Brass
ASB CGA 110/180 valve
3/8" NGT stem,
N/A Alumina-silica bronze
S/S CGA 110/180 valve
3/8" NGT stem,
N/A Stainless Steel


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