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Intergas, aims to be the preferred wholesaler to our customers of gases and gas related services in the niche product groups we define as our core competencies.

These niche products are:
  Rare Gases   Selected semiconductor gases   Selected chemical gases
  Hydrocarbons   Equipment   Sophisticated gases and liquid blends
  Refrigerants   Lecture Bottles  

For these product groups we will be a "One Stop Shop" supplier to our customers ensuring that we have sufficient stocks or rapid logistics to enable our customers to receive their orders to specification and on time.

For our niche products and services, we will always be the quickest provider of quotations (within 24 hours) or information requested and we will offer the fastest delivery by a factor of 50% over the nearest performing supplier.

To realize our vision, we will carefully plan all of our activities, establish both short and long term goals and objectives, and make them clear throughout the organization.

Our progress towards accomplishment of our goals and objectives will be continuously measured and shared with all colleagues and when necessary, corrective actions will be effected.

Providing "Exceptional Quality and Customer Satisfaction" will be the primary motivation and intended result for all activity conducted within the operating environment of Intergas.

Our management philosophy will be based on the recognition that technology and people are our most valuable assets. The status of our technology and the well being of our people will be evaluated and dealt with on a daily basis.

We will continuously invest in our Technology to be 100% reliable for us to create products which never let our customers down. It will be considered the embodiment of methods and materials which we must have absolute control over to accomplish our goal for
providing "Exceptional Quality".

Our people, all team members of Intergas, will be considered the most important and potent resource we have for being a great corporation. Personnel issues will be the daily priority of all managers.

Those with us today must commit themselves to doing their best all the time, with integrity and professionalism. As we grow the business we will be watchful for uniquely talented people to join our team.

Improving the accuracy and effectiveness of our work will be a personal as well as company obligation and we will maintain a work environment that is safe, orderly, creative and enjoyable.

We will exercise complete discipline in adherence to procedures and company policies.

We will always be quick to respond to our colleagues and our customers.

With focus and orchestration of our individual talents and our technology, we will achieve our vision.

We will never forget that we have a business....


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